Many brands already know TikTok drives sales. TikTok search ads could help attract qualified traffic (and get valuable keyword data). TikTok is starting to roll out ads within its search results. The video ads have a “Sponsored” label, are located above the “Others search for” section, within the top four results.

Keyword targeting is not yet available to TikTok advertisers, just placements, according to Herrmann. He added that the smart play for brands is making “how-tos” of their products that solve specific problems. For example: 

  • How to use tea to fix your ____.
  • How to make ___ with tea.

TikTok search ads provide a new opportunity to get in front of your target audience with high purchase intent. TikTok has been an influential platform for turning views into sales for many brands and products. Look no further than the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which got billions of views. Tapped out on Google and other ad platforms? If TikTok search ads become available to you, consider testing out this platform. TikTok could also become a keyword goldmine, especially considering how many other platforms have taken away this data from marketers.