Imagine spending 3, 5, 7, 10 times creating content about motifs you love out of pure passion. Working through decision fatigue on what to produce, what platform to concentrate on structure, and not knowing the rearmost marketing monetization strategies to actually make plutocrat. Only creating from a place of alleviation because you watch and have a communication to partake for times before making a song. The fidelity and thickness is what builds cult that LOVE your media channels, harkening, watching, liking, and participating your content on a regular base. That’s what maturity of influencers have done to make their channels.

Reason #1: Audience

If you are looking to break into a new audience and build brand awareness working with an influencer is a good path to explore. An influencer knows it’s audience better than any SEO search so they know what content to create that will motivate, inspire, and If you’re looking to break into a new followership and make brand mindfulness working with an influencer is a good path to explore. An influencer knows it’s followership better than any SEO hunt so they know what content to produce that will motivate, inspire, and detector to get a response. They ’ve erected trust through times of content creation and testing out new ideas to engage their followership.

Reason #2: Creative

When you find the right influencer to work with they can be an extension to your business adding to the creative content department. Creative content is a pain point in a lot businesses and why associations for times have paid big buck to marketing agencies to take this off their hands to make the marketable, promo videotape, and advertisements. When you have someone who’s outside of the association, who’s erected an followership, and can play in their strength it’ll be an added value to any brand and business.

Reason #3: Dynamic

It’s not just any content that’s being created from influencers, it’s dynamic! Ideally, working with an influencer they are coming to the table with ideas for videos, social media, and ad content that will seamlessly incorporate the brand into their audience. Since they know their audience best let them lead this conversation and find a common working ground to let them move forward on their ideas. This type of content is the win-win-win for the brand, the audience, and the influencer’s media channels.

Reason #4: Consistency

Consistent content with any media channel is key to creating brand awareness for a business. When you have an influencer who’s outside of the organization not distracted by the day to day operations of a company, leaving them to create consistent dynamic content is something most brands didn’t even know they needed.

Reason #5: Strategic

It’s a strategic move for an organization to outsource content creation to an influencer who’s put in the creative work to build an audience. It’s an immediate traffic source to tap into and create brand awareness. There’s an opportunity to put paid marketing dollars behind the content and boost it’s engagement creating more opportunity for a brand.

On average it takes a person 5-7 impressions to link a brand’s logo to the company. Add in another 7 impressions for them to remember it in the abyss of brands that are being marketed to them daily. When you work with an influencer to create dynamic consistent content you’re increasing your odds of your brand being recognized faster and identified by a trusted source. Good luck on your road to content creation with influencers!