Web Design + Video Production (March 2019)

Working with the wonderful team at Vanquish Media Group, my good friend Larry Levin, founder of The VR Fitness Machine was bringing his new beta product to market, and wanted a little help getting the ball rolling.  We suggested an epic explainer video, complemented by a well-designed landing page.  Those two would be enough to get the ball rolling, by having two very solid assets to provide prospective clients.  We are very proud of the results of both.


Video Production, Web Design.

Video Production:

We were pleased to put together this fabulous promo pieces.  From writing to directing, producing, shooting, and editing, we handled every component of bringing this vision to life.  The short piece tells the story of sports fitness evolution, and it’s future in the VR space.

Here are some stills from the shoot.

Web Design:

Because the product was still mainly in Beta mode, we thought it best to design a more landing page style website to promote the product.  This one-page scrolling site is mobile and SEO optimized to play the promo video, showcase some product benefits, display a picture gallery, and provide users with the ability to register for more information.



Here is a short summary video of the project.