Producer & Director (June 2012 – July 2012)

When I first decided to take on this project, it was more for the free trip to Vegas rather than anything else.  That was because I really didn’t know whether or not to believe what I was filming.  My partner Cornell had been out a few weeks before and ultimately came up with the idea.  And what exactly was the idea?  Well, the era of Reality TV was in full effect, and we thought there might be an opportunity to get a shot made about our old friend Evan Wallace, who had been successfully running a Las Vegas promotions company.  The wild stories he told us, in addition to some of the footage we had seen, made this a solid opportunity.

So Cornell and I trekked out to Vegas for a week and tagged along with Evan as he worked his magic, which essentially was talking to as many girls as possible on a daily basis.  The following is a short pilot we put together to help pitch the show to executives.


Executive Production, Writing, Video Production, Editing.

Video Production:

Ultra Vegas – Teaser Trailer

Ultra Vegas – Scooter Commercial