Web Design + Paid Media (June 2019)

I was happy to team up with the crew at Vanquish Media Group to help bring this small budget film to market by developing an industry-standard web page and running a small paid media campaign.

Lucid Dreaming forces the dreamer’s dream world to merge with his waking one. But at what cost to the dreamer’s grasp on reality? Dreams are doorways, but what are they really for? And, if you feel you must know, beware of the TRICKSTER.


Web Design, Paid Media.

Web Design:

The approach to building the website for Trickster was very straight forward and simple.  The one-page display shows the title, the trailer, the poster, a synopsis of the film, relevant social media handles, and outbound links to the proper streaming channels.


Paid Media:

The paid media approach to this was very very very strategic since we only had $2,800 to work with.  And since we missed much of the pre-sale window, the majority of the media spend went to Amazon Prime Streaming, primarily through Facebook.


Here is a short summary video of the project.