Web Design, Paid Media (April 2020)

Tess Beauty Tech is a leading cosmetic technology company specializing in the manufacturing of a top of the line facial cleanser called the Gen 1 Exfoliator.  Working with Vanquish Media Group founder Chase Friedman, we were able to completely redesign the website using the Shopify framework.  In addition to a more efficient eCommerce platform, we developed a rather complex paid media strategy using Facebook Ads.


Web Design, Paid Media

Web Design:

The first phase of this project was taking an old Wix website and converting it into a Shopify framework.  This is primarily because Shopify is one of the best platforms to actually sells items from.  This initial framework was built out for a one-product shop, with the idea of scaling it up over time.  We used clean colorful images of the product along with some product videos mixed in.  I am very happy with this site and look forward to seeing it grow into an eCommerce giant.

Paid Media:

As is with most products, we needed to drive traffic to the site, in order to generate sales.  Using our favorite marketing tool of Facebook, we built a robust campaign that allowed for the promotion of Tess Beauty Tech through a variety of formats, including Facebook and Instagram Stories and Feed.  We used a number of the initial ads, and hope to add many more in the coming weeks.