Senior Operations & Marketing Manager (Nov 2012 – June 2013)

Tagkast was the ultimate result of a side project created by the same team who developed Poggled, the Nightlife Daily Deal website.  The entire team from Poggled came over to lead this project.  The product itself was developed through extensive in-the-field work with brands such as Bud Light and Land Shark. What the team learned, was that there was space for a more socially engaging on-premise activation app which utilized the power of photos within social media.

The product essentially amplified live events through photos, by allowing patrons to keep professionally captured photos, sponsored by a brand, on their social media.

I ended up being in the field a lot managing these events.  Here are a few pictures from events I’ve worked.



Account Management, Event Management, Hiring, Training, Operations, Social Media Management, Email Marketing.

Account Management:

Once accounts were closed they were handed off to me.  It was my job to communicate with our clients in gathering creative, branding, and on-premise staff.  Sometimes working over a matter of days, and other times working over the span of weeks.  It was my job to keep the clients happy, satisfied, and coming back for more.

Event Management:

My main role at Tagkast was to execute events.  The software was sold as media, meaning that we needed to hit certain media and impression numbers in order to fulfil orders.  It was my job to motivate on-premise staff to engage while overcoming the many technological challenges we had while developing the company.

Video Production:

Because I was often at the event. managing, I would bring my camera around in the hopes of capturing engaging footage that could be used to promote the brand.  These were also events all around the countries.  Here are some examples of the videos I shot and edited.

Promo Video


2013 Polar Bear Plunge




Arm & Hammer