Marketing Consultant (March 2014 – Jan 2015)

The Sykora Kitchens project became my first project under the new Cyprian Francis Creative brand.  I met Karel, the owner a few years back when he was building his company WoodFace Company.  One thing I knew about Karel, was that he was very knowledgeable on his product/industry.  His customer cabinets were beautiful, and his full kitchen projects were incredible.

He was just expanding a new brand into the US, and wanted to generate buzz by enhancing his digital presence.  We agreed to work together and the results were fantastic, helping boost website traffic by 500% and online sales to the tune of +$100,000.

Cyprian Francis was able to manage all aspects of the marketing rollout for Sykora Kitchens.  This included, but not limited to, Web Design, Email Marketing, Business Consulting, Project Management, and Digital Marketing.

Web Design:

When I first began working on the Sykora Kitchens website, there was a basic HTML landing page that was functioning as the main marketing tool.  It was built using a European web portal, which really did not get the job done.  So I suggested building out the site using WordPress, my favorite web development tool. Because we weren’t going to do actual sales online, it was built to be an advertising tool, to engage potential customers online, and convince them to come to the showroom.


I wanted to give the website a modern look, by adding large pictures and separating the home page into large chunks.  Because the product was very custom, we had to create a few product lines, identified in the designs page.  We also needed to show off accessories, and the most important section, previous work. Finally, the contact us page, where all call to actions lead.  The contact form is connected to the company MailChimp account, so that as leads accumulate, they can be retargeted with email campaigns in the future.

In addition the website is optimized for the keywords “Chicago Modern Kitchens’ which is gaining traction in the SEO realm.  However, because of the competitive nature of the industry, making strong SEO traction will take significant more time.  Do a quick Google search for “Sykora Kitchens” and you’ll see the full impact of our work, out ranking the European headquarters on multiple fronts.


Business Consulting:

In addition to designing a brand new website, we consulted on the evolution of Sykora Kitchens in the US. We helped incorporate a number of processes to stream line the growth of the business.  This included adding a new CRM into the sales pipeline, creating an automated email marketing strategy, streamlining a PPC campaign, and building an hip online presence through content creation across multiple social media platforms.  These implementations, along with new leads helped bring monthly sales from $5,600 to over $68,000 on average.

Email Marketing:

We created a sophisticated email marketing strategy to target former clients.  This required us to organize previous contacts from over the past 7 years, and strategically place them into proper categories.  We then created a set of marketing campaigns to promote the launching of the new site, fall and winter sales, along with company updates and new products.  This video shows a little insight into the process.

Digital Marketing:
The two digital marketing avenues that we implemented to help generate new leads for Sykora Kitchens were Social Media and PPC.  We wanted to make the brand look cool, so we had to implement some social campaigns that would increase followers and interaction.  We first had to create a multitute of social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest.  Once those were created we drove new traffic to those avenues and increased followers to a few thousand on each. Secondly, we launched a comprehensive PPC campaign to target local Google searches for “Chicago Modern Kitchens,” which is explained further in the video below.

Project Management:

We helped Karel and his team with a variety of small projects, but the one with the greatest impact was the implementation of Google business view, which gave an impactful look inside the wonderful Wicker Park show room.  The final view comes up in Google searches, along with being added to the contact section of the website.