Web Design (Feburary 2019)

Working with the fabulous team over at Vanquish Media Group, this project for StripAdvisor was one of the more interesting ones I’ve taken on.  Not being one who shies away from “adult” it was never anything I really wanted to pursue.  This opportunity came up, and we initially thought it was a good idea.  To basically mimic Trip Advisor, and create an alternate version specific to strip clubs.  A simple enough concept.  For me as a developer, it was more of a challenge to see if I could build something like that.  And we did, and it’s a very good product.  We were only onboard the project for a few months to develop the initial concept, to


Web Design, Social Media, Email Marketing.

Web Design:

The StripAdvisor website is built on a WordPress framework, utilizing a fairly complex listing system along with geo-targeting, so that users are prompted with information relavent to their location.  The initial build is 8 pages, with over 100 listings, spanning 4 US cities.  It comes with a fully integrated reviews system, along with a robust blog, with the potential to house 1,000 listings, in regions around the world.

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Here is a short summary video of the project.