Today’s consumers are hungry for sustainability. They’re demanding more environmental common sense out of everything they buy – including the food they put on their tables; even the food they feed their pets. That’s precisely what SmartRice delivers. SmartRice is already producing more rice using less land and other resources. SmartRice has the smallest carbon footprint of any commercially grown rice, and SmartRice is naturally bred to be unique. 


SmartRice was looking to break into the DTC market with its newest sustainable rice products.  Having served mostly the B2B market, they needed a strategy that helped get the word out about the brand, while also helping generate an initial core customer base.


As a paid media consultant we were able to come into their mix quickly and help assist in the running of numerous campaigns.  From audience research to campaign builds, asset creation, and overall day-to-day optimization, we were successfully able to help across a number of different aspects of running paid media campaigns.


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