Marketing Consulting (Nov 2014 – March 2015)

Following my exit from Power Tower, I knew that there was still a huge untapped market in the Cell Phone Charging space.  And I also knew that I could easily transfer over my knowledge and experience in the space, and so I reached out to the founders of SafeCharge, Doug Charron and Dave Adams, about potentially helping them expand their brand.

Having seen the SafeCharge product live in action at a number of Chicago locations, I felt very good about the potential growth of the business, and so I came on as a consultant to apply my marketing services.

Web Design:


When the first SafeCharge website was built a few years back, it’s main purpose was to easily showcase the product and provide relevant business information. It was also built in traditional HTML, which is great for a starter site, but not as effective for growth.  After a discussion, we decided that a wordpress site that was extremely SEO friendly would be the best course of action.  In addition, it would be built in such a way that adding new exciting content would be extremely easy. The hope of this design, is to get SafeCharge on the first page of Google search for the keyword “Cell Phone Charging Station.”  Along with increasing the website conversions.  I wanted customers to see the website and think that it’s the coolest product available on the market.  Take a look at the website transformation in this short video.

Business Consulting:

One of my primary roles at SafeCharge was to help them break further more into the rental space.  The timing might have been a bit off, since I began working in the winter, where event numbers frequently fall.  I was able to help them finalize their rental sales documentation, advise on shipping practices, analyze terms, and provide information on how to build a successful rental business.  SXSW is the first of many events in 2015, and I’m excited to hear about the progress moving forward.

Email Marketing:

Because SafeCharge is primarily a B2B business, an email marketing campaign would be best targeted at relevant industries.  So we created a number of small campaigns highlighting benefits of incorporating a cell phone charging station, the ways in can generate additional revenue, and the innovative nature of the market moving forward.  These email campaigns were managed through MailChimp.

Digital Marketing:

For some time in the past, SafeCharge was a top search result for a number of keyword related to their product.  But as more companies within the space started to pop up, the website began to fall to pages two and three.  As a consumer who often only chooses products located on the first page of search results, I knew that would limit inbound leads.  So I decided to implement a PPC strategy to have SafeCharge come up on the first page for a number of critical keywords. At least until SEO kicked in and the results were more natural.  Either way a healthy PPC campaign also helps SEO rankings.  Below is a short video describing the campaign.

Video Production:

When thinking about videos we wanted to incorporate into the SafeCharge marketing strategy we had to first achieve two things.  First, we had to easily show people how the product works.  The team was already using a video from their early days.  But they wanted something more professional with additional information.  We decided to have Dave Adams provide short introduction at one of our locations.  This allowed customers to see and hear a prominent member of the founding team, in addition a simple overview of how the system works.  The video is little over a minutes and a half long, great for adding to the website, and other social media sites.

In the second video I wanted to continue introducing customers to the founders.  We used a similar model, this time with Doug Charron as the voice.  I tagged along as the two installed a new unit at one of Chicago’s top nightlife destinations. This video is also a little over a minute and a half long.