Web Design (April 2019)

Working with the team at Vanquish Media Group, we were given the challenge of helping a modern, rather well established, non-profit by the name of Operation Blue Shield, rebrand, while also redesigning their website.  I was mostly in charge of the web portion of the business but contributed across the board.  Our initial goal was to change the name to something that fell in line with the overall mission, so we decided on One Community.  And also were fortunate enough to grab the social and url of OneCommunityUSA, which now resonates with the brand.  The new name came with a new logo, new social handles, and a brand spanking new website, built on the WordPress framework.  In addition to the rebrand, we were able to help the organization become Google Grants certified, so to take advantage of all of the wonderful non-profit tools they offer.  I’m happy to see the new brand thriving, and the organization growing since completing this project.


Web Design

Web Design:

The core infrastructure of the OneCommunity website is built on WordPress using the Divi Theme family.  It’s a multipage website, with the ability to scale with ease.