Account Manager & Video Production (Jan 2014)

One of the most exciting deals I had the opportunity of working on during my time with Power Tower was a pilot program with McDonald’s New York.  They were preparing to be a major sponsor for the 2014 Super Bowl, which was being held in New York.  And they wanted to create a reason to drive the added local traffic to their locations.  A representative from one of their PR agencies came across our website, and a conversation was started.  A conversation that lasted a few weeks.  What we ultimately agreed to was a monthly rental of 5 Classic units that would be strategically placed in the heart of Manhattan, surrounding the Super Bowl fan zone that was created for the world renown event.

Account Management:

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In addition to closing the deal in Chicago, it was my responsibility to fly to New York to ensure the successful installation of 5 charging stations, deep in the heart of the Big Apple. Working with local delivery staff, we were able to get the units installed in less than 6 hours.  Which is pretty short for Time Square installs.

Video Production:

To capture the moment, for future marketing use, I walked between the 5 locations and captured footage of people using the stations.  The plan was to use this as a case study for future endeavors.  With the great footage I captured, a short script I recorded, and some stock footage, I was able to put this promotional video together.  This ran on the home page of the website for a few months, and essentially helped generate tons of new business.