Account Manager & Video Production (2013)

During my bit at Tagkast I had the honor of traveling across the country numerous times in an effort to successfully execute our branding initiatives.  Being the creative opportunistic guy that I am, I would often bring my own camera around to capture footage of user engagements.  I would then take this footage and cut short promo videos to be used in company marketing initiatives.  This video was produced during a visit to California for the well known annual event called BritWeek.  In conjunction with Jaguar, and a team of brand ambassadors and I captured attendees testing out their newest rides.  They would then be guided through how to post their photos on Facebook, thus enhancing the social presence of Jaguar, the event, and their newest rides.


Account Coordination, Hiring, Training, Live Event Production/Coordination, Video Production, Editing.

Video Production:

As a way to increase my value to the team I started shooting and editing the events I managed to use for promotional pieces.  By showing potential clients the services we were pitching, along with the brand names we’ve already worked with, helped in securing more event sales in the future.  Below is the short produced from this event.