Marketing (Septemeber 2019)

Working with the Vanquish Media Group team, we were able to help manage the paid media marketing campaign for Indistinguishable From Magic.

Aliens are real and the greatest conspiracy ever is the cover-up to this shocking truth. Nick Pope, who ran the UFO program at the UK Ministry of Defense now reveals how the world will change forever the day the Aliens arrive.

I was pleased to help run the paid media portion of this campaign, helping drive traffic through all 3 phases of it’s campaign; Pre-Sale, iTunes and Amazon.


Paid Media, Facebook Ads.

Paid Media:

The budget allocated for this film release was a bit lower than usual, $6,000, which for this campaign, we applied through all three phases of a film marketing campaign; Pre-Sale, iTunes, and Amazon.


Here is a short summary video of the project.