Pitch Deck/Video Production/Acting (2013)

Coming out of the Lightbank space I saw GroupOn grow to become a technology behemoth.  When I left Tagkst, I wanted to create my own opportunity.  So I made a pitch to try and convince GroupOn to create a new Video Department and to allow them to let me run it.  I created this pitch deck, along with two complimentary videos showing my enthusiasm for the role.  Unfortunately, they denied it.  But I still think it shows how I function as a businessman in trying to convey my ideas to upper management.


Pitch Deck, Video Production, Acting, Editing.

Pitch Deck:

Being in the fast-moving Lightbank environment, I learned that it was always about creating your own opportunities.  So I seized it by creating a pitch to the company for a new GroupOn TV division, where I could help the company sell products by creating catchy informational videos.  Here is the pitch deck that was created to present the concept.

Video Production:

In addition to presenting a pitch deck, I wanted to actually show what these video promotions would look like.  So my partner and I went out and shot some footage for two products that the company was currently selling online.  I even put on the acting hat for the watch commercial.

GroupOn Deals – American Beer Fest

GroupOn Deals – Wagner Mens Swiss Watch