The creation of BFG Marketing LLC was stemmed from the success of an old high school buddy and I had while at Lotus Brokerage.  While at Lotus, we had worked on over 8 different projects alone, helping the brokerage become a multi-million dollar operation.  Not only had we helped bring their live customer count to over 20,000 active users, but we also helped generate a lead database of over 500,000.  We learned how to build trading systems, then how to sell them, which was our basic business model.

My responsibilities were primarily to help the company grow and to market the products our team was created.  The entire business stemmed from customers coming to us for access to the world’s most active Forex trading systems.  We geared this traffic to our staple website, ForexToolShop, which served as unbiased ratings, reviews, and educational Forex website.  This is where we would drive all of our traffic too, while at the same time developing our own trading systems.  We would then do our best to convert those leads, or our ForexToolShop leads to becoming active traders, ultimately earning a portion of every trade.

Over the almost 2 years we ran the business, we created over 15 different products and generated annual sales to the tune of $320,000 per year.  Towards the end of 2011 the NFA really started to make it hard to operate a Forex company without the proper licenses.  Ultimately we were unable to keep our business model intact.  We sold off what assets we could, and move on.  


December 2009 – October 2011


Web Design, Graphic Design, Business Development, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Management, Sales, Accounting, Management, Financial Analysis, Brand Development, Video Production, Editing, Producing.