Marketing (May 2019)

Working with the Vanquish Media Group team, we were able to help put together a strong last-minute campaign to help the film Assimilate go to market, on both Amazon and iTunes, along with a small PR push.


Web Design, Social Media Management, PR.

Web Design:

We kept the website, short a simple, highlighting the title bar, the film’s best trailer, movie poster, synopsis, and along with important outbound links and additional information.

Social Media Management:

One of the highlights of this campaign was how quickly we were able to find an engaged social media audience.  Almost instantly after creating the 3 core accounts, and posting and tagged some of the film’s stars, we quickly grew each respective account, with Instagram certainly seeing the majority of the buzz.

Still to this day the accounts are receiving engagement since the movie made it’s way to Netflix.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


In addition to the core services of building a website and running social media, we had the pleasure of helping put together a small red carpet event for the premiere of the film.  Which turned out much better than anyone could have anticipated.