Marketers spend hours pouring over and perfecting their content in the form of blogs, videos, and infographics. Yet, without proper social-media promotion, none of those efforts will receive much exposure. And if no one can find your content, no one will read it. In order to avoid this frustrating fate, marketers should pay close attention to how they form social-media posts.

Indeed, a little TLC in this regard could make the difference between a blog going viral or falling into obscurity. To that end, here are four tips that will help your team form better, more engaging social-media posts:

1. Break The Rules

Ask any marketing professional about social-media promotion and they’ll likely list off a few “best practices” that have become standard. Posts should be short. Posts should contain a video or image. Posts should be scheduled for certain days at certain hours. Yet, rules are meant to be broken.

Considering that almost every business uses a few boilerplate methods to promote their brand on social media, modern marketers need to be willing to flaunt a few conventions in order to stand out. As such, don’t be afraid to write an in-depth description to a post that warrants detailed explanation. And don’t hesitate to post a time-sensitive message at an odd hour. Anything that helps your posts stand out will prove beneficial in the long run.

2. Make A Promise

Want to get someone to engage with your content? Then first provide them with a reason to do so. Making a promise in your posts is crucial to consistently garnering clicks, likes, and shares. Yes, there’s an art to “teasing” content effectively, but if your readership doesn’t understand what subject you’re tackling, they’ll have no incentive to pursue your post further.

3. Don’t Over Think It

Many times, businesses simply overstep the boundaries on social media. Whether it’s making a silly typo or attempting to weigh in on a socio-political issue, digital marketing mistakes can have far-reaching consequences for companies that aren’t careful. Often, it’s a better play to keep things simple with your posts.

4. Follow Up

It is difficult to predict exactly what kind of post will resonate with your audience. Yet, it’s imperative for businesses to follow up on their successes. One of the best, and easiest, ways to generate leads is to simply engage with consumers who are already commenting on your social media pages and posts. Answer questions, respond to criticism, and above all, measure your posts’ performance.  You don’t have to be a dynamic writer to connect with individuals on social media; rather you just need to be willing to go the extra mile from time to time!