Today Grubhub announced that it would officially be partnering with Yum! Brands, which oversees fast food chains such as Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, to offer nationwide delivery. Although some sporadic delivery of these chains was already available through Grubhub, the announcement ushers in an era when fast food will be more widely and easily available on delivery platforms.

As part of the partnership, Yum! Brands also bought $200 million worth of shares in Grubhub, and the delivery platform will be providing delivery people to the chains in order to help facilitate the service. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, both companies have declined to reveal how many franchises, and in how many cities, the service will be available on Grubhub. Yum! Brands began testing delivery through Grubhub in states like Kentucky, where Yum! Brands is headquartered, and Nebraska last year.

Fast food delivery has become relatively commonplace in recent years: This new partnership comes in the wake of Grubhub’s announcement that it would soon launch nationwide White Castle delivery. Pizza Hut already had a robust delivery service, of course, but last year the company committed to hiring 14,000 additional drivers to make the service even more seamless.

McDonald’s also recently signed on to expand its delivery service through UberEats. Since October of last year, McDonald’s now offers delivery from 5,000 of its 37,000 locations.

Grubhub is still by far America’s favorite delivery platform, beating out other smaller operations like Postmates. It facilitated meal deliveries to around 8 million people in the first quarter of 2017 alone. Meanwhile, one poll recently found Americans consider Wendy’s to be their favorite fast food chain, though it has yet to officially jump on the delivery bandwagon. If you want that baked potato and chili, you’ll just have to stop by the drive-thru.