I hate to admit it, and my girl hates hearing about it, but I am somewhat of a Tinder Pro. I’m not going to give specific numbers, but it’s enough to call me an expert. An expert of macking, through an App. And Tinder is by far the #1 source for this internet macking, and they’ve stepped their game up this week.

Tinder has just announced its new venture — Tinder for desktop. Called Tinder Online, the site is designed specifically for developing markets with limited mobile storage and bad data plans.

That said, Tinder also realize that a desktop version makes it easier to use the app on the sly, and is marketing it both ways.

The dating app described its new venture as “your English professor’s worst nightmare,” and outlined some perfect scenarios for using Tinder Online: “Mobile phones not allowed in class? Just fire up your laptop and swipe incognito. Cubicle life got you down? Now you can toggle between spreadsheets and Super Likes in a flash.”

The online version has all the same functions of the app, but with desktop-optimized chatting, and instead of swiping left or right, you simply drag the images with your mouse.

This move will certainly increase engagement, users, traffic, and I think it was a good move. I still, and always have, refused to pay for their service, so they must find an alternative way to generate revenue. This is surely a step in the right direction.