Spotify and Hulu are teaming to offer a quite the solid deal for students: $4.99 for both Spotify Premium and Hulu On-demand. For reference, Spotify Premium is normally $10 a month, and Hulu is $8.

Granted, Spotify already only cost five bucks for students, so this new deal is basically just throwing in Hulu for free – but I’m not complaining. Keep in mind this is Hulu’s cheapest plan, so you will still get some ads .

It’s something of a surprise partnership, and it makes me wonder whether we’ll see the company’s cooperating more closely in the future. It does make some business sense, as competitors like Google and Apple have stakes in both the audio and video space. I mean, I wouldn’t mind having Hulu thrown into my regular Spotify subscription too.

You can go here to sign up. It should still work even if you already have a Spotify or Hulu account. There are some caveats to the partnership though, such as not being able to use any premium add-ons with Hulu. Check out the source link below for more of the fine print, but it’s still a welcome offer. Students are, as a general rule, pretty broke, so any savings are appreciated.