So let me begin this post by saying that I hate theatre.  You will not catch me hitting up a local show.  It’s just not my thing.  I am a fan of film.  The art, the science, and the details in each frame.  That is what I enjoy.  Therefore it is rather odd for me to be telling you about my most recent experience attending the brand new Slausen Rec Theatre School.

Here’s where it all started:

The program doesn’t require any previous acting experience of its pupils, all you need is to show up and have a story that they’re willing to share. It is not your typical theater camp experience. (No memorizing Shakespeare monologues here.)

The syllabi for the school’s first three courses—entitled “Making Moments,” “Constructing Short Narratives,” and “Creating a Piece”—are helpfully posted online.

I’ve been fortunate to attend three sessions so far.  Here’s my take on the experience.

Shia seems sincere in the aims of the program, and he’s enlisted some other talent to help. They include Shelley Mitchell, a famed actress and performance coach who herself was extensively trained by Lee Strasberg. And Bobby Soto, a relatively unknown actor who will co-star with LaBeouf in the upcoming David Ayer film The Tax Collector, is also involved.

For all aspiring actors interested in really testing their acting limits, I would highly encourage you to attend.  The environment is very open and welcoming.  Come act, or just watch.  I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen, and the talented actors I’ve met.