Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion last year, promising to closely link the service with its Office suite of applications. While we’ve seen a new Windows 10 app for LinkedIn, Microsoft is unveiling an even more useful addition for its service: Resume Assistant. Office 365 subscribers will now get direct LinkedIn integration when they’re building a resume in Word.

The assistant works by picking out job descriptions in an existing resume and finding similar public examples on LinkedIn to help job seekers curate a better description. While you could simply copy the descriptions, Microsoft is only surfacing them in a side section in Word and not allowing users to simply drag and drop them into documents.

The resume assistant will also surface top skills that might be needed, and even job listings to find exactly what employers might be searching resumes for. It’s easy to see most of this information on LinkedIn already, but having it directly in Word where you’d probably writing a resume is a lot more convenient. Microsoft is bringing this to Office 365 subscribers on PC as part of the Office Insiders program today, and it will be available broadly in the coming months.