Microsoft continues to put its artificial intelligence, Cortana, in everything as part of a larger effort to make everyday products more connected and easier to use. The next spot it’s showing up: the thermostat in your home.

The company teamed up with popular thermostat maker Johnson Controls to create GLAS, a sleek new touchscreen wall thermostat that promises to do much more than just turn up the heat. Microsoft debuted the smart control center with a slick video, showing off the device’s gorgeous interface.

The touchscreen unit can supposedly sense when people are in the room, automatically change settings for energy savings, provide daily reports about air quality, keep track of your calendar and more.

GLAS will run on the Windows 10 IoT Core OS, which is made specifically for smart devices. The thermostat offers Cortana voice services, so you’ll be able to interact with the AI directly on the wall.

The inclusion of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform could make the thermostat a tempting choice for businesses that use the service, but it’s unclear exactly how that integration will work, other than to provide insights about the room’s environment.

GLAS will likely look to stake its place as a high-end competitor to other smart thermostats like Google’s Nest and Ecobee, that latter of which also offers voice control through Amazon’s Alexa.

Microsoft hasn’t released any more details about GLAS outside of the hype video, and our requests for more information to the company’s representatives were not answered by press time. We’ll have to wait on them to find out release dates and pricing specifics — in the meantime, maybe you can go ask Cortana on another device to see if she has an inside scoop.