LinkedIn has just announced that they’re expanding the Boost button to the LinkedIn Events page to allow ads. This means that advertisers will be able to promote events and drive registrations using this amazing new feature.

Last year LinkedIn gave advertisers a new feature to Boost organic posts from their page. This allowed them to promote an organic post to more of their followers, or specific professional audiences of their choice. 

To Boost an event, simply navigate to the Boost button on your Events page. Select the target audience you want to see the ad. Set the schedule, and budget, and enter the payment info. This will create an event ad that will appear in the feed of professionals you’ve selected as your target audience. 

Boosting posts isn’t new. Facebook has been allowing advertisers to boost posts for years. The option allows time-sensitive content to be shared easily, without having to navigate the ads manager dashboard. This week LinkedIn also announced the introduction of a centralized Business Manager. While we’re glad they’re finally catching up to where the rest of the platforms have been, we are curious, what’s next?