Scrolling through my socials as I do each day I was surprised by something I saw when looking at my LinkedIn page. Those common little circles at the top of my app. Looking very similar to what’s now popular on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Stories!

LinkedIn has officially rolled out its first major redesign in the last five years and giving all members access to LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn has grown into an engaged community of over 700M professionals around the world who are sharing content, sending messages, and taking LinkedIn Learning courses to advance their skills. Despite its growth, and new features the platform hasn’t had a redesign in over five years.

Now, LinkedIn is rolling out its first major redesign, to make the platform easier, more inclusive, and more enjoyable to its members. This redesign is meant to be warmer, simpler, more modern, and more intuitive, helping members get more out of the platform. It features a more streamlined search experience to encourage better searchability people, events, groups, and content. Inclusion and accessibility are both core design principles, therefore a dark mode is coming very soon.

Personally, I think this is. a great move by the company. The app already functions similarly to its bigger social media competitors, but what I like about this version, is that it will be solely targeted to the business niche. And since my LinkedIn network is fairly strong (14k+), I’m looking forward to utilizing this amazing new feature.