Do you need a break from seeing your ex’s posts on Instagram, but you don’t want to unfollow them for fear they might someday notice (or you should decide you want to follow them again in the future)? Or maybe your best friend is a chronic over-grammer, and you’re tired of your feed being filled with her shelfies? Whatever the tricky social situation might be, Instagram is finally introducing a fix.

Over the coming weeks, Instagram is rolling out a new way to mute posts on your feed. This works exactly like the feature of the same name on Twitter: No one will find out when you mute them, and doing so lets you hide that account’s posts from your feed or Stories tray. You’ll still get notifications if you’re tagged in a photo or mentioned in the comments of a post from the account you muted. If and when you decide you’re ready to see that account’s posts in your feed again, simply unmute it at any time. You’re free of the repercussions that could come with deciding to re-follow someone who never knew you unfollowed them to begin with.

How To Mute Your Instagram Friends?

To mute an account, simply tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of a post from that account or its profile page. You have two mute options: Just posts, or posts and Story. Take the same steps to unmute an account in the future.

The feature, which Instagram is starting as a test, is one of the first controls the app is offering users over their feed and Stories. Previously, only a more drastic option — blocking an account — was available. Of course, mute has no impact on how ‘grams appear in your feed, but, hey, at least you have a little more say about what’s there to begin with.