Twitter is a hell of a tool. I was just scrolling along one day, as I do most days, and I came across a guy who was posting a ton of great content. His name is Ish Verduzco. An LA guy, who does social as well as anyone around. He just so happened to be doing a podcast promotional run on his new book “How Successful People Get Ish Done’ a great concept that caught my attention immediately.

In his book, you will find a 7-step framework that he developed after digging through 930 hours of research studies, documentaries, interviews, and autobiographies from some of the world’s most successful people.

His goal in writing the book was to help other people from underrepresented groups achieve their goals and aspiration through an easy to follow guide.

From all his research, he noticed that all of these successful people had a few noticeable things in common, one of those being something that I call “Compound Learning”.

I wanted to learn more about the framework, his research, to gain any further insight into how I can get more SHIT done myself!

And to learn more about Ish and to grab a copy of his new book, check out the links below!

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