People are becoming more and more lazy.  I know this, because I recently started wearing an Apple watch, and I love talking to it, rather than texting.  Amazingly, it saves me time.  But why not expand on our laziness?  Let’s not do shit anymore.

Example, GrubHub’s new partnership with Samsung, which will essentially allow you to talk to your fridge, specifically GrubHub’s app, which will process your request to not eat the food that you do or do not have in your fridge, but rather to delivery your exact request, or at least what’s available in your delivery network. Genius? Right?

Samsung is expanding the number of smart fridges it is producing and has added voice support so you can now talk to the refrigerator.  The Family Hub 2.0, which builds on the original model released last year, includes a 21.5-inch LED touchscreen. At CES 2017 this week, the firm revealed the screen and smart home settings will be included in ten refrigerator models going forward.

Here’s a clip of the Samsung CES keynote.

The touchscreen allows family members to post messages and notes to others, share photos, and look at shared calendars. Included in the latest update to the Family Hub is the ability to create profiles for different people: avatars or personal pictures can be used.

The Family Hub technology is expected to expand from its current four refrigerator models to about 10, Samsung said.

It’s a good partnership for GrubHub, but I don’t think the service will thread the needle for demand. But I might be wrong.  Maybe this move will be one of the first in which we start to live more like the Jetsons, in a super new age world.  God….I hope not..  But my generation is doomed to be the “Automated Era”