Ah, New York City. You beautiful monster you. There are always crazy things to be seen in the Big Apple. For example….Seeing viral videos of amazingly talented subway performers, and/or people getting accidentally kicked by the “SHOWTIME!” dancers. And now this.


Apparently, a YouTube “star” named Coby Persin was in New York and had stopped traffic so he could take some douchey pictures with his douchey car. And then New York City did its magical thing and made a perfect, brilliant, beautiful moment happen.

Now, sure, the “law” might say that he “damaged property” or “wielded a baseball bat like a maniac” but that’s looking at this the wrong way. (Maybe it’s even a stunt?) But I’d argue that this is New York City at its best. I mean that dude HAS A BAT WITH HIM IN HIS CAR AT ALL TIMES. And that decision paid off, because he was there to remind this guy that the city doesn’t care if you have a fancy car. You fuck with people trying to get where they need to go and they will fuck with you right back. Now I need to go listen to Rhapsody in Blue.

But is it real or fake? With these “internet sensations” you will never know. One way or another, this video helped my man out with some extra promo for this YouTube videos. Well done doucher, well done.