Just to give some context behind this post… The fact is, that I’m not like some super stoner who lives for April 20th every year. I’m not one to plan extravagant events or anything for that matter. Truth is, I really don’t care for the holiday, and I really even understand what we’re celebrating. But it is often associated with smoking marijuana.

Also it is important to know that for the past 20+ years I’ve spend 420 in a state where smoking Marijuana is illegal. The good ‘ole piece of shit state of Illinois… Which could turn into another topic of it’s own…

But I don’t live there anymore. I live in beautiful sunny Los Angeles California, where the enterprise of Marijuana commerce is thriving. Something that I was able to experience first hand. Which really got me thinking about why this plant is illegal, and why so many people have been incarcerated by it. Because since being in LA I have seen nothing but good things come from it.

My experience as a customer during 420 was something that I will never forget, and so I thought I should share my experience. Take a listen below.