Ok, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a Cubs hater for some time now.  I’ve always been a fan of Wrigley, the bars, the excitement, but I never really understood what the fans were so happy about.  THEIR TEAM SUCKED!!!!  They’ve sucked for over 100 years now.  Probably one of the worst team in history……

But that all changed this past week when finally, the Cubs, against incredible odds, came back from a 3-1 deficit, after giving up a 4 run lead in the final game, actually pulled it off.  And the city went crazy.  One of the main reasons I love Chicago so much.  The city has pride for it’s teams.  And now, finally the Cubs fans can actually support a team that wins.

One of the reasons I probably was such a hater for such a long time, was because they sucked.  But the team is great now. They have a strong core, and proved they can withstand any team.

I look forward to no longer being a hater, and finally embracing the joy that come with being a Cubs fan.  Well done guys.  I can now respect you.  Well done.