Last night was an exciting experience for me. After years and years of sitting on the sidelines and watching amazing comics perform, comparing my own skills, I finally stepped onto the stage and gave my five minutes.

A little about the Oscars, Will Smith, The Rock, and of course, Chris Rock. I’ve been able to create a set that I am comfortable working anywhere. I’m not sure if comedy is the best use of my skills, but I certainly enjoy cracking a couple of jokes.

Big thanks to The West Side Comedy Club for having such an amazing stand-up program, allowing us creative types to test the stand-up waters. And big thanks to my co-comics, who endured the 6 weeks together, refining our sets and helping each other grow.

Can’t wait to keep doing more sets. Hope you can make out sometime? Keep an eye on the socials. I will usually promote any legit stuff that comes up. If I get booked. Fingers crossed!