Ikea is a standby for a lot of people. Furniture on the cheap? It’s almost too good to be true, and for a lot of people who don’t live near one of the Swedish superstore’s locations, it is. But that’s about to change, big time.

House Beautiful reports that Ikea is planning to sell its products through other shopping destinations. And Reuters says that one of those choice sites is one you already probably shop: Amazon.

The furniture megastore has its own e-commerce services, however, partnering with a site like Amazon, which offers legendary free shipping for its Prime members, could bring Ikea’s products to a whole new group of consumers. Even die-hard fans of the brand could perceivably shop online, avoiding the winding, labyrinth-like stores and fill up a virtual cart at their Ikea-furnished homes. House Beautiful adds that exorbitantly high shipping costs and a limited selection of products are limiting Ikea’s own e-comm platform. Considering that furniture is pretty big, it can’t cost just a few bucks to ship something like a couch or dining room table, especially when the parts required to assemble it all come in more than one box.

Ikea didn’t announce exactly what outlets it would partner with for this foray into friendly shopping, however. Instead, an executive explained that there’s still plenty to look at before the brand can announce anything concrete.

“I leave unsaid on which [platforms],” Inter Ikea Group Chief Executive Torbjorn Loof told Reuters. “But we will test and pilot, to see ‘what does this mean, what does digital shopping look like in future? We have one great advantage and that is that we design, produce, and distribute our own unique range.”

This would be the very first time that Ikea’s experimented with selling through channels outside of its own operations. Additionally, Reuters reports that Ikea is planning to open smaller stores in different metropolitan areas to provide access to more customers.