Running a small business usually means that you are operating with a low budget. You probably have a small staff to manage the work. Which makes it becomes more vital to find resources to make your work easier without making a dent in your pocket.

In this article, we will talk about a few marketing resources for small businesses. We will also highlight their significance in increasing your revenue.

Video Editing

#1 – Promo’s Free Video Maker

Promo is the leading tool to create professional-looking images and videos. From a collage maker to stickers, it has every tool you need to create a stunning image. With a free video maker, you can add effects to your video. Furthermore, you can improve the quality of your video by using various tools.

Apart from videos, it allows you to create top-notch graphics. After editing your photos, you can add text to convey the message properly. Also, there are hundreds of filters and stickers to show your emotions.

#2 – Canva

Canva helps you create excellent visual content to enhance your business. Thus, while presenting an idea or running a marketing campaign, you need a graphic designer to create content.

Being a small business, you may not be able to afford to hire a professional graphic designer. Well, Canva is your best bet. It helps you create professional content with few clicks only. Thankfully, it is millennial-friendly. So, there are hundreds of social media templates as well to create images in the right size.

Social Media Management

#3 – Feedly

Do you find it hard to come up with creative ideas for social media posts? In such conditions, you need to use a platform like Feedly. Therefore, the platform allows you to watch all your favorite blogs and publications in a single place. You can subscribe to influencers to find out the latest trends.

Using Feedly, you can get unlimited ideas for your next social media post. There are many tools, and you can decide which is the best for you. It will help you stay organized and make an effective social media campaign. 

#4 – Hootsuite

Unless you have a social media team, it is difficult to manage all your accounts. With so many popular social media websites, you don’t want to miss any of them. After creating content with a free video maker, you need to post it. It is difficult to post on these websites regularly without any tool.

Thankfully, Hootsuite comes to rescue you. It allows you to manage all social media accounts from a single platform. Moreover, from scheduling posts to analytics, it gives you a range of tools. More importantly, it allows you to reply to comments with convenience.

Search Engine Optimization

#5 – SEMRush

Do you want to know where you stand among your competitors? SEO is a consistent effort, and you need to put your effort in the right direction. Also, keep in mind that your competitors are also running an SEO campaign.

SEMRush helps you find keywords of your competitors. Moreover, it can generate a list of long-tail keywords to increase your overall website performance.

#6 – Google Analytics

Let’s say that you are running an SEO campaign for six months. Thus, how do you know if it is working in your favor? Is there an increase in the number of unique visitors?

Find out this information and a lot more through Google Analytics. Also, it allows you to find the average time each person spent on your website. Moreover, you can find out how many new visitors came to your website in a specific duration. You can also check returning visitors.

With this information, you can decide to continue your SEO strategy or make changes to it.

#7 – Google Keyword Planner

Do you want to find some keywords to work on? Are you trying to find the search volume of a keyword? Well, Google Keyword Planner should be your priority.

During search engine optimization, it is extremely important to work on the right keywords. These keywords should have enough search engine volume. Moreover, you can find these metrics with Google Keyword Planner. It will help you decide whether you need to find more keywords or not.

Market Research Tools

#8 – Quora

Quora is a Q&A website that allows you to ask questions and get professional ideas. The platform is being used by many experts who answer your questions professionally.

When you want to get some ideas about your new blog, you should head to the Quora website. You can check the top questions to find out the latest trends. These queries help you to decide on a topic that can go viral.

#9 – Scraper

When it comes to mining information, Scraper is the best tool. Also, it extracts information from websites and provides you with an excel spreadsheet.

Whether you are trying to collect data from your competitors or creating a call list, you should use Scraper to minimize your effort.

Email Marketing

#10 – MailChimp

An email marketing campaign is the need of modern businesses. MailChimp is the leading service provider in the market. Probably, you are already using Mailchimp for a newsletter or email to your customers. If you haven’t used it yet, it is time to get your hands on it.


Small businesses need cost-effective tools to enhance their marketing efforts. Modern tools are designed to reduce your effort while giving you better results. For instance, you can use a free video maker instead of hiring a professional designer. It will save you a lot of money without compromising a great deal.

Similarly, you should use other tools to get better results. Most of the above-mentioned tools have a free version. Once you have enough budget to buy a paid version, you can choose to get the premium version. Until then, enjoy the free version and improve your revenue.